a couple of pole vaulters living in Austin, TX enjoying the outdoors, good eats, and each others company

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Hello blogging world,

So we are starting this blog because we want to share our experiences and stories with the rest of the world. We travel around the country for track and are also very outgoing, so I’m sure some of our adventures will interest you. We are both athletes so we also want to share our workout ideas, nutrition tips, and insight on competition at the collegiate level and beyond. Many people travel far and wide to visit Austin TX and we would also love to give recommendations on the best restaurants, places to go, etc when you come visit our weird city. Not only do we travel, pole vault, and live in a great place but we also do all of this together as a couple. So if any of these topics interest you please follow us as we share our adventure!

Instagram: followingthebeartracks


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